Google introduces New Chat System for its Tez App

New Chat System

Google Tez has been on the roll since the day it was launched, Google has been pushing updates regularly to make its Unified Payment Interface (UPI) app better and more secure for the Users and has Now introduced a New Chat System possibly countering WhatsApp move of integrating UPI in its app earlier this year.

The New Chat System which is integrated into the Tez app which lets Users chat with each other, The feature has already rolled out to some users, which was later confirmed by Google, The search engine giants said in a statement – We have added a feature that lets User send messages to each other about the payments you make.

Furthermore, The system has been built wherein the transaction history of Users or business is grouped together like a conversation just as any other app groups messages together, this feels natural and enables richer engagements said Ceaser Sengupta, Vice-president of product management Google.

Due to this feature, Google now has a total of 7 apps in the market with the text functionality available – Hangout, Google Allo etc to name a few.