Android Oreo GO: lighter version of Android Oreo

Android Oreo Go

Today, Google India at an event in New Delhi unveiled a lighter version of Android Oreo named – “Android Oreo Go”, the lighter version Android Oreo is designed for those smartphones which have 1GB or less RAM capacity.

Although there are very few devices running Android Oreo Go and is currently only available for developers for testing and is expected to go mainstream soon, One thing to Note here is that by introducing a lighter version of Android Oreo, as Google wants to make Android Oero run on not only flagship but on budget smartphones as well.

NoteAndroid GO is very different from Android One, although both are intended to raise the quality of low-end devices both do it differently as for One Google partners with the OEM’s directly and decides what goes in the device and keep it up to date just like nexus smartphones and the other is specifically made for low-end devices.

New App for Android Oreo GO.

Google has also introduced a New App for Android Go called – Files Go, the App has two basic functions and the Files Go App is available on Google Play Store for all Android users.

  1. Deletes unwanted messages, files and more to free up space.

 2It finds files, photos and other content faster and shares files offline with people nearby.

Android Oreo Go-techedgepro.comFurthermore, Google has introduced light versions of some of its Major Apps like Google GO (Search ), Google Maps and a lighter Google Assistant and improvements to Youtube GO App as it Now lets user download videos over WIFI.

Google GO – The App is the lighter version of Google Search, it works exactly the same as Search does but in faster and easier way and plus the app will be less than 5MB.

Google, giving importance to save more data has announced that all the content on its browser ( Google Chrome ) will run on the Google’s server and then the server will provide users with the reduced version of the file on their handset, recently launched Google Datally App also debuts on Android Oreo GO.

Google said it will be releasing a lighter version of Google Play Store and users will be able to download any apps and it will also highlight the best apps for the handset.