Motorola E3 Power smartphone blasts while charging

Motorola E3 Power

Smartphones caching fire is not just a mere thing now, it is slowly becoming a trend in the smartphone industry whether it is Samsung or Xiaomi. Now Motorola has joined them on the list. Motorola E3 Power was launched in September last year, Recently a Moto E3 Power user Sachin Yadav from Haryana reportedly experienced the same while having his Motorola E3 Power on charging with the stock Motorola charger, while on charge for 20 minutes his phone started spewing smoke and soon after his phone burst into pieces.

Motorola E3 Power smartphone is just 1 year and 2 months old and the whole incident has been caught on the camera, watch the video below

These incidents makes customer doubt on these smartphone companies if these companies really give importance to their customer safety or they are just competing with the others to make their smartphone thinner and reducing the battery size to make it more appealing to the larger audience, even though Motorola Phones are known for their build quality but that being said since Lenovo took over Motorola, there have been many doubts on the build quality of the Motorola smartphones.

Thankfully Sachin was not hurt when the incident took place, soon after when Sachin Yadav tried to contact the Motorola customer care, Sachin did not get any response certainly not the kind of response a customer would expect from an international smartphone brand.