Google Lens debuts on First Gen Pixel XL devices

google lens

Google Lens which Google introduced at its I/O developer conference and later launched with its two flagship smartphones – The Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL.

Google Lens is a service through which users can learn about new things just by pointing their smartphone camera towards the subject and it will automatically detect what it is.

Though Google Lens was an exclusive feature of the second generation of Pixel smartphones when it launched. However, Now as per LaceratedCantaloupe A Reddit thread, this feature has made its way to first generation Pixel XL without any update.

google lens

The Reddit thread shared the screenshot of this feature, As per the screenshot, the Google Lens Pixel preview comes with new features that will enable users to copy text like phone numbers, dates, and addresses, learn more about landmarks, look up books, music albums, movies, and artwork.

Now as it has made its way to first gen Pixel XL we can expect Google to start to roll out this feature to other Android smartphones soon.